Relationship Issues

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Intimacy 

Happy, healthy relationships are ones in which we learn how to communicate, and to take care of one another. Stable relationships are ones in which we learn how to negotiate with respect, dignity and self-control. There are times in which you need to enlist the support of a professional to help your relationship to learn, grow and thrive.

My approach is to focus on “choice” and the development of options in meeting the challenges of your life. When we exercise choice, we find meaning, freedom, and ultimately solutions to our difficulties. Coaching is not about “what the answer is” but rather, how one understands the meaning of the problem and how one crafts a creative solution.

On Grief and Sorrow

Each morning we get up, kiss our spouse’s, kids, pets then off to work. Each day life appears stable, solid, and routine. But In the real world we never quite know what’s going to happen from moment-to-moment. Then, on this one morning however something changes. I have shared, and experienced that which is “unbearable”.  I have embraced individuals who have lost family and friends on 911, military members who were shot dead at Fort Hood or others who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time never to come home again. Others for whose time had come.

 There are those of my kind, who for whatever reasons have been chosen to listen, to bear witness, to embrace, and to ultimately transform that deep pain as we  “dance with Mr. D.”  This work cannot be categorized as ministry, therapy, coaching, or support. It is beyond all of these constructs this is the art of being human.

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